Karen Gillan as Nebula

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my friend John just wrote the best post about catcalling possibly ever. 


my friend John just wrote the best post about catcalling possibly ever. 

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when i was younger, i had a furby and i was terrified it was going to turn into a gremlin so i shoved it in a shoebox under my bed and randomly it would shout out FURBY in the middle of the night and i would start crying because it was hungry but it was after midnight so i couldn’t feed it


Fuck today


I don’t even care how this happened


I don’t even care how this happened


Make me choose: Alistair or Morrigan | for bannteagans

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Anonymous said: Are you helping with lost and found Sterek fics? Because I'm looking for an AU fic where werewolves are known and enslaved with collars, Stiles is a tech genius who works with Danny who gets roped into the underground movement for werewolf liberation by Lydia.


Not As Described by febricant (M, 81k) 

Stiles may have made a huge mistake.

This fic is a fantastic adventure, one of my favorites. Febricant does an amazing job of detailing all the nuances of this universe. It starts out with Stiles getting convinced by Lydia to buy a werewolf, Derek, whose history with the Argents makes him crucial in the liberation movement. It’s slow burn and heartwrenchingly good. 


do you ever see a post you connect with on a spiritual level but then you see the source and refuse to reblog it on principle



Scoot McCool for Missy with love. <3

Girl, you are amazing in every way possible, and I hope you know it, because the rest of us out here certainly do. 


I got so many new followers today!! As a thank you to all you wonderful people, here’s a second installment of my Fantasy Drabble series, based on this prompt:

"So There is a world where whenever someone fantasizes about you, you can physically feel it, but you have no idea who is thinking it about you." -sterekismydrugofchoice

Stiles can’t think straight for the rest of the day. The unexpected sensation of Derek’s mouth – because there was no doubt it had been Derek’s mouth, the phantom touch lining up too well with his own Fantasy from minutes earlier – on Stiles’ throat, the hot flash of pure want leaving him reeling for the rest of the meeting.

He’d gone tense when Derek had come back into the room, watching him out of the corner of his eye and waiting for some kind of acknowledgement, because Derek had Fantasized about him, that must mean something, right? But Derek had just offered a warning scowl to the group at large, and Scott had cleared his throat, drawing everyone’s focus back to the treaty with the pack from Beacon Heights.

And Stiles didn’t hear a word of it.

He’s never exactly… been an Object of a Fantasy before. Not really. Sure, there’s been the occasional hot flash or a phantom sensation of having his ass pinched (not fun, especially when he’s out at the supermarket, surrounded by people three times his age). But that’s all quick stuff, fleeting, easily ignored. He’d never realized how intense it would be to have someone focus all their attention and desire on you, that the feel of the mouth on him would be so realistic he’d have to touch his neck, searching for saliva and bruising.

Eventually he finds himself staring openly at Derek, earns an exasperated eye roll for his trouble. It isn’t until everything’s wrapped up, though, when Derek passes him by and pauses just long enough to mutter “you go to high school. Have you seriously never seen someone act as an Object before?” that Stiles realizes that Derek hadn’t been Fantasizing about him, not really.

Or at least… he didn’t realize he had been.

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black trans man batman because I couldn’t stop thinking about it


black trans man batman because I couldn’t stop thinking about it


[Please Watch/Listen & Signal Boost] Man Arrested While Picking Up His Kids: ‘The Problem Is I’m Black’ | The Atlantic 

If you’ve never experienced arbitrary harassment or brutality at the hands of a police officer, or seen law enforcement act in a way that defies credulity and common sense, it can be hard to believe people who tell stories of inexplicable persecution. As I noted in “Video Killed Trust in Police Officers,” the dawn of cheap recording technology has exposed an ugly side of U.S. law enforcement that a majority of people in middle-class neighborhoods never would’ve seen otherwise. 

Today, what’s most disheartening isn’t that so many Americans still reflexively doubt stories of police harassment, as awful as it is whenever real victims are ignored. What vexes me most is police officers caught acting badly on camera who suffer no consequences and are defended by the police agencies that employ them. 

The latest example of abusive, atrocious police work posted to YouTube comes from St. Paul, Minnesota, where a black father, Chris Lollie, reportedly got off work at Cossetta, an upscale Italian eatery, walked to the downtown building that houses New Horizon Academy, where he was to to pick up his kids, and killed the ten minutes until they’d be released sitting down on a chair in a skyway between buildings. Those details come from the Minneapolis City Pageswhere commenters describe the area he inhabited as a public thoroughfare between commercial buildings. If you’re 27 and black with dreadlocks, sometimes you’re waiting to pick up your kids and someone calls the cops to get rid of you. The police report indicates a call about “an uncooperative male refusing to leave,” which makes it sound as though someone else first asked him to vacate where he was; another press report says that he was sitting in a chair in a public area when a security guard approached and told him to leave as the area was reserved for employees. The Minnesota Star Tribune visited the seating area and reported that ”there was no signage in the area indicating that it was reserved for employees.” 

So a man waiting to pick up his kids from school sits for a few minutes in a seating area where he reasonably thinks he has a right to be, private security asks him to leave, he thinks they’re harassing him because he’s black, and they call police. This is where the video begins, and that conflict is already over. The man is walking away from it and toward the nearby school where he is to pick up his kids.

So problem solved? It could have been.

Instead, this happened: [See Video Above]

What the video shows is a man who is politely but firmly telling a police officer that she has no right to ask him for identification, because he hasn’t done anything wrong or broken any laws, and is present in the building to pick up his kids. “What’s the problem?” he asks at one point, and answers his own question: “The problem is I’m black.” We can’t see inside the heads of the people who called the police or the officers who showed up, but that seems like a highly relevant factor–it certainly wasn’t unreasonable for him to reach that conclusion. 

His story about getting his kids wasn’t merely plausible, given the man’s age and the fact that there was a school right there–it was a story the female police officer shown at the beginning of the video or the male officer shown later could easily confirm. 

Lollie is also absolutely correct that no law required him to show an ID to police officers. As Flex Your Rights explains, “Police can never compel you to identify yourself without reasonable suspicion to believe you’re involved in illegal activity,” and while 24 states have passed “stop and identify” statutes “requiring citizens to reveal their identity when officers have reasonable suspicion to believe criminal activity may be taking place,” Minnesota isn’t one of those states.

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